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1. What are the major sources of influence on your moral values as an individual (individuals, groups you belong to, situations you experienced, etc.)? To what extent have these sources of influence shaped your values and how? Reflecting on your development, discuss some ways in which your sense of ethical behavior has evolved over time. Provide specific instances where possible.

2. As a PR/AD practitioner, what is your responsibility to society? Note, Im not only asking about responsibility to your clients or to consumers but to the larger communities that can be impacted, directly or indirectly by your work? Consider the necessity of ethical/responsible advocacy.

3. What are some Public Relations tools (concepts, examples, principles or theories, whatever you like) that you think you will be able to use in your career?

4. Discuss where you see yourself professionally in the next 2 5 years. What are some ethical dilemmas you think you are likely to face as a professional in this context (provide at least 3 potential ethical dilemmas)? Provide details and/or reasons why you think they constitute dilemmas and how you would address them. What are some ethical theories/frameworks that would guide your decision making in said situation?

5. What are some specific steps or actions you can take going forward to help you act ethically, both as an individual, and as a PR/AD professional (Ensure your response is both realistic and practical). How confident are you that in the future you will be able to practice PR/AD ethically and stick to your values? Why do you feel this way?