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Hi, welcome to the first forum. My intention is to publish all the videos needed on the first day, but this week in particular it’s going to be a bit of a challenge because I am wrapping up other courses and have many sessions. So I will start with Woo commerce setup and I will share the Notion space link, and I will add a thread every day with the tasks of the day (hopefully tomorrow I can complete the whole week).


Step 1: sign up to free hosting

Step 2: Set up Woocommerce/Wordpress

Step 3: Go through a WordPress walkthrough video (you can do that tomorrow if you took too long with the previous steps.

You have all been invited to Notion, the link for this week’s content is here:

It’s in the files for assigned writer

Sign up to Notion with your IE email to see the content. You will see additional content in the workspace I created, we will go over it in the next VC.

Participation in this thread: how did it go, did you complete everything without problems? Questions?