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How did the growth of the labor movement affect workers and their employers?

The 1930s was a pivotal decade for workers and their unions in the United States. At the height of the economy of the “Roaring Twenties,” the possibilities for unions and working-class political activism seemed to be at an all-time low. However, during the Great Depression of the 1930s, workers began to rebuild the labor movement. What were some of the major developments and events that created the possibilities for unions to grow in the 1930s? In what ways was union power still limited?

How did the growth of the labor movement affect workers and their employers? Were all workers able to share equally in the growth of the labor movement? Write a 4 to 5-page, double-spaced paper in 12-point font that addresses the questions posed above. Be sure to base your claims on the assigned readings, documents, and other materials for weeks 10 and 11. You should use some combination of the textbook chapters, book excerpts, and primary source documents assigned during those weeks. The following documentary films are also good sources. Sources (Only use these sources) Else, Jon, dir. The Great Depression: A Job at Ford’s. 1993; PBS Video. James, Dante, dir. The Great Depression: Mean Things Happening. 1993; PBS Video. TextBook Rosenzweig, Roy and Nelson Lichtenstein, eds. Who Built America?: Working People and the Nation’s History Volume Two: Since 1877, Third Edition. Boston and New York: Bedford/St. Martin Press, 2008. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa75V-tdBko I’ve attached other sources you may also use