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Organizational Development Project
Paper details:
Concise 3 page brief of your own real-life case study of your project. Follow rubric: 1) Background info (current state of situation, why you selected this project. 2) The goal (defined as generally what you are trying to achieve) and objectives (defined as specifically what you are trying to achieve) of the project. 3) Level of the system you are working with. 4) The steps you used in the Organization Development framework (contracting, data collection methods, intervention choice, implementation, evaluation. 5) Outcomes to-date and possible next steps. 6) your personal insights from the assignment (insight defined as the combination of 2 or more pieces of data/information in a unique way that creates new value). How did the relationship with the peer coach help to shape these insights?
WHY: To practice Organization Development in your job/volunteer organizations and prepare you to utilize these methods in your capstone/thesis project.
The attachment WORKING COPY DOC is what I have already started.