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Directions: You each will be assigned a civil rights activist. Your job is to research this person and write a research paper on their lives and impacts on the Civil Rights Movement. Here are some key points that should be included:

Basics about the individual you were assigned – this includes where they were born and a little bit about their early life.

How did they get involved in civil rights activism?

Did they experience discriminationsat some point?

What led them to fight for the rights of African Americans? Whats their story and what are their views?

How did they get involved in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s/1960s?
What Civil Rights group did they belong to?

What were the views of that group?

What was your activists role in that group?

What did they do/what was their impact on the Civil Rights Movement?

What happened to your activist after the movement?

Reflection: How do you feel about your activist? Do you think they played an important role in the movement?