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What you will be writing:
Paragraph 1: In this paragraph, you will summarize Judith Butlers argument about Gender. Please summarize Butlers argument in a maximum of four sentences.
Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, please connect Butlers argument about the performance of gender to Taylor Swifts music video. Please provide two examples from Swifts music video that illustrate her performing a gender role. After you list the example, please describe how Butler would view the example you provided.
Paragraph 3: In this paragraph, connect Jean Kilbournes argument with Butlers argument about the performance of gender. How do ads perpetuate gendered stereotypes to sell product, and what makes them dangerous?
Paragraph 4: Provide an example of how you go about doing and performing gender. In addition, provide me with an example where you have been criticized for not following the gendered script. Moreover, after learning about gender this week, what has this added to your perspective?