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How do cultural influences a child’s development?

Research Paper: How do cultural influences a child’s development? Requirement: 8 Page Research Paper. APA Format. Cite References accordingly. Follow capitalization, grammar, and punctuation rules expected of college-level writers. ***I have attached a list of 10 credible sources. Please use at least 5 of them.

The others may be of your choice as long as they are scholarly and credible. The essay will meaningfully and effectively synthesize and cite at least 10 sources altogether. At least 8 sources should be scholarly/substantive and represent a range of types of information (e.g., journal articles, books, internet sources, etc.) as appropriate for your topic. (Do not expect to draw entirely from books or entirely from internet sources, for example.)

Criteria includes: Title, Introduction, Thesis, and Conclusion. A paper is in jeopardy of not passing if sources are primarily popular sources (ex: general news, Psychology Today, Men’s Health, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, etc.), blog posts, Wikipedia, YouTube, student papers (ex: dissertations), and other such sources. For This or a Similar Paper Click Here To Order Now