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You have provided some good context in the Introduction but be mindful of word count as your Introduction is only 10% and Id rather you elaborated on your analysis (main body of the essay); please also provide an outline of your essay somewhere in the Introduction as this is in the grading rubric
You have described various practices at Nike without any references and or concrete examples more needed here
You mention Friedmans ideas how do they relate to Nike are you saying that Nike has adopted Friedmans ideas? This isnt clear
Similarly you have mentioned Novak but again, it doesnt flow with your arguments maybe move these up to the beginning and leave your critique for the main body of the analysis
You have questions the ethical nature of Nikes CSR strategies and said it is inauthentic – this is good, but now draw on the criticisms we covered in week 9 to discuss this further. Also see the journal articles I posted under assessment 2, useful articles to help with this
More specific recommendations needed link it back to the arguments you made around authentic CSR for example?
Dont forget to have a conclusion to summarise