Theme. Discover themes by brainstorming—write down any and all words that come

to mind when you think of meanings in the play. For this play, your list may look like

this: making a connection, �inding love, seeking meaning, changing society, acceptance, understanding, longing for the past and simpler times. Out of these words,

several themes arise:

a. The challenges of making a connection (not necessarily romantic) with another


b. The ongoing struggle for acceptance and equality for the LGBTQIA community

c. The presumptions some make about sexual orientation

Did you identify any other themes in the play?


 Plot. Trace the elements of plot below. Pay attention to the key hint—the dramatic

question that will be answered at the turning point.

a. Exposition:

b. Rising action:

c. Crisis, or turning point: Answers the dramatic question: Will these two people

make a (not necessarily romantic) connection? In other words, will they understand each other? At what point in the conversation is this question answered?


d. Falling Action:

e. Resolution:

Characters. Think about how we learn about Steve and Kali through the dialogue.

Choose three revealing lines or passages from each. What does each reveal about the

character? How does each move the plot forward or highlight the themes?


. Setting. The physical setting is a pub in England in the contemporary era, but Steve is

from America and Kali is from India. Why is the setting important in this play?


. Symbols. Steve and Kali are having dinner in a pub. Look for food as symbols. Describe the symbolism of the foods mentioned.