In your introduction paragraph, you must have a thesis statement. Your introduction paragraph should be at least 5 full sentences.
NOTE: your thesis statement must be underlined or highlighted in yellow.
Your thesis will answer the following question: After performing the research, are Gladwell’s claims about your chosen research topic accurate? The thesis should put forward a stance and state the specific ways in which Gladwell is correct or incorrect. You may find that he overstates or understates the influence of certain things after you perform your research. If your research reveals other important factors that Gladwell does not note, you may include those in the thesis. In any case, the thesis must make a claim about Gladwell’s findings.
For your body paragraphs, include multiple, separate paragraphs (that are at least 5 full sentences each and follow the AXES format) that complete and include the following:
Have a range of body paragraph topics that support your thesis
Include material from the primary (Outliers chapter) source and secondary (your own research) sources must be integrated into the paragraphs. Each body paragraph should contain at least one quote from the primary source (Gladwell) or your secondary sourcesthere should not be any body paragraphs without evidence (Visit the Week 3 video for help on sources)
Follow the AXES format, including your own analysis and tie back of significance to your own thesis. You must use signal phrases and you must explain what the quotes mean and how they prove that Gladwell is correct or not. (Visit the Week 3/Week 4 videos for help on AXES and signal phrases)
All paragraphs must have a purpose and be specific and detailed in the content, analysis, and relevance to your thesis
In your conclusion paragraph, reflect on the following in at least 5 full sentences: In your opinion, was Gladwells research and chosen sources strong in making his argument persuasive? How does Gladwells research in his book affect his credibility as an author? How does your research in this essay affect your credibility as a writer?
MLA style Works Cited page with at least 4 outside sources and your chosen Outliers chapter (5 citations minimum)
All content must be cited properly and should be credible

Please note, as you develop the body of the paper, take care to explain Gladwell’s argument about your chosen topic using specific textual evidence. Then, you must compare his claims to what your research shows. It is not enough to summarize what Gladwell says; you must explain and use your own research to prove, disprove, or change his claims by putting forward your own argument. A paper that only summarizes Gladwell will not get a passing grade.