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Discussion Forums : You will need to post to a prompt once week and then respond to at least one other classmates posts. Original Posts must be a minimum of 300-350 words with specific examples from the text, readings films, etc. Personal opinion is fine, but you also must include documented evidence to support your statements. Responses must be a minimum of 100-150 words each.
1. Think back to commercials you grew up watching. Any stand out to you? If so, why? Was it a catchy jingle? Your favorite cereal or toy? What makes it memorable?
I included several commercials from my youth that I still remember, mostly because of the catchy jingles.
2. How does marketing influence our perception of reality? Think about beer and truck commercials during football games: all the bars are filled with young, beautiful people drinking and having a fun time. Truck commercials sell the idea of rugged manhood: Dodge Ram, Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150 shows young good looking men usually out in the country hauling hay or driving over rough terrain. Likewise, commercials for cars like Buick and Lexus show an upscale couple out on the town. Does this reflect reality? What is the appeal, and how does the psychology of advertising sell us this idea.
Choose one of the above questions and respond using specific examples , including a short video if you have one to support your point.
Also please address the following:
After learning about the history of television, write a short response about what you think were three important developments or events during the the evolution of television. You may be general, or focus on one specific genre.. Use specific details along with reasons and evidence to support your claim. Original post due on Friday, 9/30. Respond to two different group members by 10/2.