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Select a social problem as the primary topic of your paper. You should describe the problem (e.g., Why is it a problem? What geographic area/populations does it impactor at least which areas/populations are you focusing on? What are some of the challenges?) and describe how this social problem is being addressed by each sector (business, nonprofit/NGO, government). Include specific examples from at least one organization in each sector where possible. You may also include a discussion of how the problem impacts the different sectors and/or what the sectors could be doing to address the problem. (e.g., How does the problem affect businesses in the area?) You should also include a description of how individual citizens address or could address the problem, or any innovative ideas you have for business, government, or nonprofits to address the problem. Make sure to bring in some of the concepts discussed in class (e.g., social change, social movements, the role of various sectors, etc.). In-text citations (parenthetical references) and a reference list are required. Please use either the MLA style or the APA style. A minimum of 5 references is required, including at least 2 academic references (i.e., books, journal articles).