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How does this passage in walden relate to american romanticism?

As related by Bearskin in Byrd’s History of the Dividing Line, describe the Indian concept of judgment in the afterlife? (3 points) Define some of the basic concepts of Puritan thought and culture. Explain how they operate in the works(s) of at least one author. Be thorough in your answer. (3 points)

What does Thoreau mean by “Brute Neighbors?” Who are they? How does this passage in Walden relate to American Romanticism? (3) Choose one passage from Emerson’s work, other than the “eyeball” that exemplifies his ideas about transcendentalism and discuss how. Make sure your answer makes clear the primary concepts of transcendentalist thought. (3 points. Please summarize your overall learning experience from research paper exchange. Be as specific as possible in making reference to the topics and authors in individual papers. You may not always remember the name of paper’s writer, which is ok, but you do need to remember as much as possible about the content as proof that completed this assignment. I do not expect you to discuss all of them, but I do expect you to comment on at least three. (3 points)