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How does you mind work?

VIEW the  (Tags: sexual assault). This website opens in a new window and instructions are provided on how to log in with your RCCC student username and password. TYPE a 2 page (minimum) to 3 page (maximum), double-spaced essay addressing at least 2 of the following topics from the video that you found interesting:

Discuss the development of memory over the lifespan, including the concepts of childhood amnesia and autobiographical memory as discussed in the video.   Discuss the form of memory impairment and how it was portrayed in the case of John Forbes. Discuss the concept of mental time travel in relation to memory.

Discuss the effect of traumatic memories and how it was portrayed in the case of Genevieve, a survivor of sexual assault. Discuss the effect of Alzheimers Disease and how it was portrayed in the case of John Stevenson. Use SPECIFIC information that shows you watched the video. In other words, don’t just Google the topics and write about them from a general point of view, as we are interested in you actually viewing the sections of the video that relate to the topics given.  

EXTRA INSTRUCTIONS: Always integrate at least 3 paraphrased concepts, terms, or facts from the current TEXTBOOK readings in your assignments. Always include APA in-text citations after information that is not your own original idea or opinion. Include the authors’ last names and year of publication (add page number if it is a direct quote).  Gillings, A. (Director). (2008). How does your memory work [Video]. Films On Demand. http://fod.infobase.com.proxy154.nclive.org/p_ViewVideo.aspx?

xtid=39692  Licht, D., Hull, M., & Ballantyne, C. (2019). Presenting psychology (2nd ed.). Worth Publishers.  LENGTH & APA STYLE REQUIREMENTS: Body of paper should be 2 pages (minimum) to 3 pages (maximum), typed, double-spaced, with 1 margins, using a font such as: 12-point Times New Roman, 11-point Arial, or 11-point Calibri. Include APA style title page, in-text citations, and reference page.  Abstract NOT required. Do NOT add filler material such as extra space at top of paper or between paragraphs, repeat instructions or questions, or repeat your name, date, course title, etc..