How easy is it to register to vote?

Do they use voter ID? How can you get a voter ID?

Do they ever purge voter rolls?

Do they offer early voting or mail-in voting? Hos does it work?

Do they typically have enough polling places?

Any major changes in their voting procedures?

What is the typical partisanship of the state?

How strong is partisanship (do they have safe red or blue seats? Leaning seats? Is this a battleground state?)
Which party controls the legislature?
III. The Candidates Themselves (2 Pages)
In this section you will briefly focus on candidates themselves. What attribute, strengths and weaknesses do they bring the table? Be sure to address the following and note how it may impact the election

What do we know about the incumbent candidate?

What strengths and weaknesses do they possess?

Length of experience? Typical voting record? Public approval?

Hurt or helped by associations with Biden or Trump?

What do we know about the challenger?

What strengths or weaknesses do they have?

Are they a formidable opponent? Weak opponent easily defeated? Strong opponent

but no real shot at winning given the other factors?

VI Full Analysis/ Conclusion: (1-2 pages)
In this section you will consider all of the factors that you have examined, sum them up and use them analyze this election as a whole.

What kinds of things do you think are likely to happen? Who is likely to win? What factors previously discussed are likely to help or hinder their win and why?