1000 word minimum (5 pages double spaced) not including title, name, etc. Chicago Manual of Style footnotes.

For this second essay, take what you identified in the first and drill down what you highlighted with further examples from the readings and screenings of weeks 4, 5, and 6. If you focused on say, the internal meaning of his films, then write this second essay as a continuation of the first but supporting it with examples from the following weeks. How has your initial focus matured with additional screenings and readings? Has it become more solidified? Has it been challenged? What reflections can you incorporate into a further analysis of your initial topic? Where does Peck’s auteur status sit with the opportunity to view a wider variety of his filmmaking?

As before, reference the readings that are pertinent to your topic, but be sure to include subsequent readings. Use film examples from class or your own viewing experience to specifically illustrate particular concepts. Consider how your spectatorship and experience of Peck’s corpus is evolving or solidifying. Do you notice any changes? Explore why this is. How is your understanding of him as an auteur (and auteurs in general in the context of their full bodies of work) developing with continued exposure to his work?

Again, the specific topic is up to you. The point of this second essay is to encourage you to go deeper in your analysis and question initial assumptions and challenge initial conclusions. As you view more and more work from a single author, it is inevitable that first impressions and opinions become recontextualized. How do you see that process unfolding here as you take this course? How it is affecting your approach to the narrative of “the auteur?”

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You will be writing a continuation of my first original essay which I can provide right here. You will need to log into my canvas and click courses, film authors, modules and scroll down to weeks 4, 5 , and 6 where you can look at the readings and screenings provided. My username and login will be available to the assigned writer. Please let me know asap if you have any questions.