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How have the theories of Antoine Henri Jomini (not both) influenced warfare since 1815?
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This is based on my previously submitted outline by the same writer

Students can and historically ~12% do fail the H100 writing assignment and the H100 course. The most common factors are failing to follow basic directions and plagiarism.
Times New Roman, 12-point font is standard for formal history paper submissions. The final essay is 3-5 double-spaced pages, not including footnotes/endnotes and bibliography. Do NOT submit an essay that is less than three total pages or more than five full pages. Do NOT disregard the H107A outline feedback you receive from your CGSC instructors. All are trained historians who have graded thousands of iterations of this assignment and interacted with students from the widest of backgrounds and experiences.

As for plagiarism, revisit the honor code you signed at the beginning of CGSC. I can assure you that if you copy another students work, you will be subject to a 15-6 investigation. Ask yourself, is your career worth cheating on a 3-page argumentative essay? To avoid much heartache and wasted effort, we strongly recommend you see the H100DL writing reference materials for additional guidance on assignment standards, including title page, common mistakes, FAQ, and citations. Caveat scriiptor should you fail to heed any of this guidance.

Student question: “What is meant by specific evidence?”

An Argumentative Essay needs SPECIFIC evidence, not generalized statements. Each supporting paragraph should follow the formats provided in Annex C of the H100DL writing reference materials.

1. For example, the theorist prompt is about theory and specific examples. Clausewitz said X the battle of X demonstrated this by the victory of X this is evidence.

War is never-ending. Clausewitz defined this theory as The First World War demonstrates this the losing side never accepts the loss. The elements involved in German political social, military did not accept the punitive nature of the Treaty of Versailles Led to the Second World War only 20 years after the supposed “war to end all wars”

2. For the military revolution prompt, if you plan to argue the tank (an element of the combined arm-tactics and operations RMA, along with advancements in artillery and the advent of aircraft) as a critical element of the First World War military revolution in Large Scale Combat Operations, you could say:

Due to the high rate of fire of machine guns, barbed wire obstacles, and entrenchments, massed infantry experienced high casualties and was unable to cross no man’s land while remaining combat effective. In an effort to safely cross the open expanse of no man’s land and regain maneuver, the Allies developed the tank. The tank provided armored protection on a mobile weapons platform capable of destroying enemy positions and withstanding machine gun fire while crossing no man’s land, enabling the attacking force to reach the opposing trench line. At the battle of Cambrai, the Allies successfully employed massed tanks in a combined arms attack. The tank’s firepower and shock effect defeated the German forces and penetrated the German position to a depth of several miles achieving a victory, albeit temporary.

Be Specific in your examples – every supporting point in the essay needs proof/evidence.

Please pay attention to Annex D & E in the file H100_Writing_Reference_Materials_AY20-21_final
And the formatting and writing requirements in ST_22-2_1Jan2020

Also pay attention to the instructor feedback in the returned outline. You should keep it to the references I previously gave you for the outline

Turabian for references. Foot notes or endnote, not both