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As you discovered in this weeks resources, ADDIE is not the only Instructional Design model, but it does serve as a foundation for many other ID models. Many experienced instructional designers take the best elements of several models and adapt them, depending on the circumstances and/or personal preferences. To prepare for this Discussion, review the resources for the ID model assigned to your Discussion group. Search for additional Resources that further explain the process associated with that model.
Then, consider the following:
How is the other Instructional Design model similar to and different from the process prescribed by ADDIE?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of it compared to ADDIE?
In what situations or contexts might you choose to follow the process prescribed by the other model?
Post a brief comparison highlighting the essential elements that are similar and different between ADDIE and the other model. Then, describe a situation or context in which using the other model would provide you with a distinct advantage over following ADDIE. Explain your reasoning, including references to the resources to support your explanation.