Questions about the Essay Prompt:


●      Topic: What is the topic ?






Essay Question

●      Copy the essay question here:






●      Rephrase the essay question as a thesis statement, leaving a blank space or options (do/doesn’t, is/isn’t, etc.) for your own opinion:





●       Review the list of readings.  Anything particular you notice about the readings?



●      How is the reading set organized?   Does the reading set seem to be “compare multiple opinions,” or “apply a theoretical concept to a real-world case” or perhaps some of both?





●      Which readings do you think will present a theory, background, context, or “big picture” ideas for the question? (list them here by listing authors last names)




●      Are there any readings that you think will provide a “case study” or real world examples that you can use as evidence to support your point of view? (list them here)






Key terms:

●       List the key terms here:






●      How many readings are you required to use?





●      Does the question contain any clues or indications about how the essay should be organized?  Explain below.