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Gus Van Sants Good Will Hunting explores the obstacles that Will has within and without that prevent him from seizing the day. How is Will eventually able to seize the day? What advice does the film offer to get a person to take the leap to be able to seize the day? You cannot just say, here are the obstacles and here are the ways to overcome them. You need a theme based on the subject.
Paper details:
FINAL COPY: your final copy must respect MLA guidelines and Academic Writing Guidelines

Be double-spaced
Have page numbers in the upper right corner, without parentheses, periods, or other marks

In accordance with MLA, instead of a title page have the following information on the first page of your essay (see the top of the essay topic sheet for a model).

– Center the title of your essay at the top of the first page just above the beginning of your text. Do not underline your personal essay title or subtitle. Do italize titles of longer pieces of fiction such as Good Will Hunting. Titles of short stories, poems and songs appear in quotation marks.

Work hard on your integration of evidence because your measure of achievement will be based, in part, on your ability to demonstrate at least four different integration methods. You must merge evidence and interpretation. You must say what the plot detail, quotation, or reference to the fiction proves; how does the evidence prove your thesis argument? Do not fall into the trap of just writing plot summary.

Also, you must write your essay using the simple present tense and not use contractions or abbreviations.

Please include a Works Cited page on a separate page at the end of your essay listing all of the works primary and secondary that you use in the body of the essay. Works listed on this page signify that you have referred to them in the body of your essay, meaning you have provided a parenthetical reference to a page number. Please note the capitalization of the title (Works Cited), the fact that it is not underlined, and observe that the title is centered. Also, observe the punctuation of the entries.

For stories: place in the round brackets the last name of the author and the page number of the course pack. FOR EXAMPLE, (Updike 22).

In the case of the thesis(VERY IMPORTANT): please be very specific in the details of the story, include literary techniques as well as how it relates to the story. The thesis must be ONE sentence(it’s fine if it’s long)

Use quotes from the movie

I have attached a document on how she likes to write a introduction(thesis is important)