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Schizo Affective Disorder
Paper details:
Please see the attached document labeled paper for the rubric for this paper and I attached my PowerPoint too with information and sources citied in apa already that you can use. For the slides talking about if schizoaffective disorder is cultural or not I said yes it is because of the way schizophrenia manifests and how it is perceived in more western cultures versus other parts of the world and used the graphs to show that people from all over have genetic markers for schizophrenia but it presents differently depending on the culture of the area you grew up in. I just thought I should clarify that incase if that was not clear. One thing I did delve deeply into was the mood disorder being part of schizo affective disorder I made it clear in my PowerPoint that a mood disorder has to be present in order for it to be considered schizoaffective disorder but did not delve deeply into it other than that so you may need to do individual research if you deem it necessary. Thank you very much for the help and please reach out if you need more clarification.