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How might the academic skills that I have developed thus far be part of my career plan? 

Final Work Product Presentation (25 Points) 1) Your Presentation should address the questions: 

These six questions are what is required of you to answer during your final presentation

.  You may provide a brief introduction of yourself identifying a unique characteristic or history regarding your background experience or culture.  

1.  What have I learned about myself from the course? 

For example, how to search for employment, write a cover letter and resume.



For example, research, writing and or accounting.   3.  How might an internship experience aid with my career plans?

(If applicable) For example, the pros and cons of an internship.

4.  Where I am going and what are my next steps?  For example, graduate, search for employment, go on to complete a master’s degree. 

  5.  How does the knowledge from this course translate to career options?  For example, how are you going to incorporate what was learned and turn your knowledge into a career?

6.  How might a mentor assist me with my future goals?  Where and how would I go about finding a mentor? Your six answers will be in the form of a PowerPoint.  Your PowerPoint, you will be graded on the following:  No less than seven (7) no more than fourteen (14) slides, proper spelling, punctuation, and detailed answers.  Not just one or two sentence answers but really share with me your takeaways and your plans for moving on after this course. 

Your rubric for this assignment is as follows: 23-25 Followed directions, one or two typos and proven to have mastery and comprehension of

assignment. 24-18 Followed most directions with few typos, proven to have some mastery and comprehension of assignment. 17-13 Followed some directions, major typos and some mastery and comprehension of assignment. 12- We may need to revisit assignment expectations. 

  We write these papers to A) Enhance our writing skills, B) To pinpoint how social media can assist in our job search and C) To recognize and be accountable for our online presence and D. To show mastery of subject matter.