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How might the mission or vision statement support the development of business goals?

In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency: Analyze the essential components of operational processes in relation to efficiency and improvement Directions Develop an operational processes scorecard that addresses operational processes related to financial, internal, customer, and learning and growth perspectives, and suggest appropriate operational processes to support the company’s business goals. Operational Processes Scorecard: John and Ann would like you to add the business goals to the balanced scorecard.

They recognize that the goals are in draft form, so they have asked that you make changes as you see fit, adjusting the goals accordingly. Add the business goals to the scorecard in the Business Goals section and make revisions to business goals to ensure specificity and efficiency. As you revise the goals, consider their ability to measure effectiveness and add context about an operational process that would support the goal. Describe a metric or performance measurement that would effectively evaluate the operational process or processes associated with each business goal. Address the following in your responses:

What is a logical measure of success for the business goals identified? How does the metric or performance measurement address the root question of the organizational goal or need?

Email to the Owners: John has proposed business goals for the upcoming year, and he would like your input with regard to possible improvements and suggestions based on what is included on the balanced scorecard. In your email, discuss the relationship between the business goals and the operational processes that would support the goals. Provide a brief (one- to two-sentence) explanation to justify the use of the metric or performance measurement used in each perspective of the balanced scorecard (financial, internal, customer, learning and growth). Address the following in your response: How will the metric support the company in meeting the business goal? What specific operational processes does the metric measure? Provide strategies for development of future goals, providing insight into the development and operational processes and expectations that the goals should address. Address the following in your response:

What is a good starting point in developing goals? How does this connect to the next steps?

How might the mission or vision statement support the development of business goals?

Are there any environmental and social responsibility aspects management should consider in the development of future goals?

How do these strategies align with the organization’s operational processes and support management in determining appropriate focus areas? Describe common mistakes that are made when designing and reporting metrics to measure operational processes

. Address the following in your response: Specifically in the process of designing metrics, what common mistakes can inhibit the metric’s effectiveness? When measuring operational processes, what are common mistakes in determining what to measure, how to measure it, and how to frame the information?