Were you aware of these? Of the extent?
Comparing and contrasting the section on water to the section on air which do you see as the greater threat and why?
There was a lot of press a few years back when chick filet, then McDonalds, and then Tyson announced they would cut antibiotics in chicken by a future date.
Have they?
Has there been any impact?
What about other animal husbandry operations?
Pg 23 last paragraph
The text claims that our food has lost nutritional value due to industrial practices:
Did you know this?
Is it true?
Find some information as to the current nutritional state of our food
How do you feel about this
Food security pls 24-25
How real is the threat?
How do you feel about this?
Does this make you nervous?
GMOs (ah, just knew we would get here)
What is the truth?
Are they dangerous?
Respond to this:
We have been consuming mass quantities of GMOs for over 20 years now so againwhat is the truth?
The text speaks of the loss of small and mid-sized ag operations what is the current situation? How many farms were there versus now?
How much of our current food supply is from small/mid sized farms?