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The AB must contain (at least) one academic peer-reviewed journal article (10+ pages, published in the last 5 years, references required) from a Collin Library database in the source list. The MLA citation for the article must list the database name. Annotations must be in alphabetical order, by first letter of the academic citation. Attention to citation detail and tightly written annotations are the hallmark of the B and A-level grades. 

Each of the 5 source annotations must include the MLA formatted citation first, followed by two healthy paragraphs, one that summarizes the source and one that analyzes its relevance to the research question. The draft also includes an interpretative conclusion that connects the research to the question and points out what the writer could potentially contribute to this discussion. Larger questions for further research are often included. I will have another handout that will explain this part of the assignment closer to the end of the project. The page total for a strong AB draft often reaches 6-7 pages. MLA formatting rules for the page, and use 11-or 12-point font, and double-space everything with no extra lines between paragraphs or citations.