. Describe in your own words how a  

health organization can create the environment for diversity and inclusion.  

What are some of the steps you would  

take to make the organization ready for  



. Cultural competence is an in-depth  

understanding of and sensitivity to the  

values and viewpoints of minority staff,  

patients, and other customers

. How  

should leaders insure that all employees  

practice culturally competent care?


. Can hospitals that adhere to gender- or  

race-based patient demands face discrimination lawsuits from their employees?

. Does workforce inclusion and diversity  

enhance organizational performance?  

Explain your answer.


 There are five (5) key areas of social  

determinants of health (SDOH) that  

were developed by Healthy People 2020.  

Why are these important in insuring  

a healthy community and equity to all  

individuals in the community?