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Book: Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor by Yossi Klein Halevi
Paper details:
Although you are encourated to read the entire book, at a minimum read the following selections:
Letters 2-3 (pp. 1-62)
Letter 7 (pp. 135-153)
Letter 9 (pp. 175-19)
Response (pp. 216-227)

Write a response to these selections (or the entire book) that addresses one or more of the following questions:
Did Halevi address all the necessary historical conditions about the Israel-Palestine conflict?
How might they be different from the viewpoints presented in Lemon Tree?
Judging by the responses of his Palestinian readers (those in Epilogue), how successful is Halevis attempt to reach out to his neighbour?

The review should be a minimum of 750 words in length. Shorter responses will not get full credit. Use evidence from the book to illustrate your points and in-line citations. Your response need not have an argument, conclusion, or other components of more formal assignments such as the two papers.