Rachel Hope Cleves, Charity & Sylvia: A Same-Sex Marriage in Early America (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014).

A prcis is a specific type of historical paper. It is quite short, no more than three pages (600-750 words). It is like a book review but with a very specific structure.

Paragraph one: The author, title of the work, and what the book is about (who, what, where, when). The main sources the author used in writing the book (diaries, maps, interviews, census records). Why those sources are especially important to write about that topic.

Paragraph two: The authors argument. How the author proves the argument using his sources, and how well he or she does so.

Paragraph three: an example of how the author proves the argument. This is often on a specific chapter or section of the authors work that is particularly well done.

Paragraph four: another example of how the author proves the argument. This can show another strength, or maybe a weakness in the authors argument.

Paragraph five: Your general assessment on whether the author proves their argument. This paragraph is generally structured as a compliment sandwich. Mention something the author does well, something that is weaker, another thing done well, something weaker, etc Ending with a general statement about who would find this book particularly interesting or useful, and why.