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Write a 3 to 4 page paper on how to conduct academic research using Internet resources. For example, some of the topics you might explore are: How the Internet has changed academic paper-writing, what search engines are and how they work, what Boolean expressions are and how they are used in the search process, what research resources and tools exist now that we have the Internet, how the Internet has changed how we cite references, technology-related methods for organizing and producing our papers, etc.). Your paper can concentrate on one of the suggested topics in-depth or you might cover a few or most of the topics in your paper. An example of covering one topic in-depth is that you might research and describe how technology has changed academic paper-writing over time, from the time that e-mail was invented through current Internet technology. Another example of covering a single topic in-depth might be to explore how student searches for articles and books has changed since the time we used card catalogs to current Internetbased searches, new techniques, and on-line libraries. Further another in-depth, single-topic example is to locate and describe the different technology tools and techniques for organizing information for a research paper. An example of how you might pull multiple topics together would be to write about the impact of the Internet on the different steps in the paper-writing process, from research through to the writing process. One important key is that you must write about technology and academic research.