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Counseling Approach for Alex’s Case
Paper details:
Due in Week 10. Students will write a 4-5 page paper evaluating a case vignette (provided
by the instructor) through the lens of one of the counseling theories discussed in the course.
The purpose of the paper is to provide students with experience in applying a counseling
theory/approach to a real-world situation. The paper will be written in APA format and
include three academic references.

Components of the paper include:

Identification of your chosen theoretical perspective/lens.
How the presenting problem(s) are viewed through this theoretical perspective/lens.
The techniques/procedures you would use.
Strengths of this approach applied to the case.
Challenges/barriers of this approach applied to the case.
How effective you believe this approach would be for this case, and whether you would opt to implement this approach as a future therapist.

Case is listed below:
Alex is a 16 year old adopted student. He is enrolled in a public high school and has been refusing to attend school for the past two months, despite receiving passing grades. Alex was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder by his psychiatrist and receives special education services under emotional disturbance. He has stated that his adoptive mom (Lucy) only cares about his school attendance and nothing else. While he is at home/not at school, he spends all of his time on the computer, primarily playing video games. Alex states that he doesn’t need to attend school in order to be successful, since he sees examples of successful young people online.