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So far I dont have any questions about the course or the assignments. As far as the assignment of unit 5 goes, its definitely new territory for me! Ive done reports for Human Resources as a recruiter but nothing like that. I am however excited about doing the assignment to gain in-depth knowledge about benefits and compensation. Its crazy to say but I havent dealt with that piece of Human Resources as of yet.

I mean I have negotiated compensation for candidates and closed candidates but strictly dealing with compensation and benefits I havent done that at all.
Benefits is a definitely not my thing! I had to assist in onboarding one or twice and diving into the benefits portion was so tedious for me, that I was glad when they got caught up lol.

I would like to know more especially on how to just not explain the benefits but really know the different choices of health, vision, tuition reimbursement, and 401k.
I plan to do my research and again deep dive into not only assignment 5 but assignments 1-4. I actually believe its a great way to learn different points involving Human Resources. I love reading so Im sure my reading will take me exactly where I need to be with these assignments!