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How will the multimodal research differ from the next project?
This project is a longer and more sustained research expos for a captivated audience than the public writing piece youll compose. The public writing project will have to very quickly (and succinctly) relay information about your topic; it will focus more so on background and solutions, whereas this project gives us the full scope of the issue and gives you time to develop a researched and sustained argument.
Projects must be a minimum of 2200 words (not including Works Cited/Reference page), double-spaced pages (12 point font)
Projects must include at least 2 visuals (images, charts, graphs, etc) and genre-appropriate citations. All visuals must be directly relevant to the argument, and should enhance it, not detract (as in, no random pictures or stock photos just because its a requirement.)
Projects must be written in the 3rd person, to maintain a formal and academic tone. No personal references or anecdotes should be included.
A minimum of 8 sources must be used. Your in-text citations must be in either MLA or APA format.
A separate Works Cited/References page must be included in either MLA or APA format.
Required Elements
Projects must follow the Toulmin Method guidelines! A PDF of the guidelines can be found at the end of the prompt.
All projects must begin with an introduction that includes background information and a thesis statement (claim). The introduction needs to begin with any necessary background information needed on the topic, and the paragraph should end with the thesis statement. The thesis statement (claim) must be an arguable statement that sets up the argument for the rest of the project.
BODY (Findings)
This should be the overwhelming majority of the project. Each body paragraph needs to follow the basic Toulmin Method for Argumentation as follows:
Each body paragraph needs to have a topic sentence (good reasons)
Each body paragraph must have at least 2 direct quotes, each from a different source for support/evidence Remember that direct quotes are not the same as paraphrases and summaries! (evidence)
Each body paragraph must have analysis that connects it back to the thesis statement to explain how/why it proves the claim as true (warrant)
At least two paragraphs need to be dedicated to the rebuttal: one paragraph to explain the rebuttal, one paragraph to refute it. Both need to follow the same format outlined in numbers 1-3.
In this section, youll aim to acknowledge the differing perspectives on your topic, but show us why your particular stance is still the strongest or most complex. Then, include a call to action, set of guidelines, or an overview that outlines suggestions for solving your problem or moving forward.
A minimum of 8 sources must be used.
Sources should be from a variety of credible places, and should not all be from the same publisher.
There must be at least one credible source to support the rebuttal argument (basically, dont just make up what the opposition says, do the research and find a credible argument against yours, and then use your sources to refute it.)
If you have a question about this assignment prompt, you can ask it via Class Conversations option in the top right corner of this page. Please use some of the information from the file I upload.