Create a Diverse Lesson Plan

The purpose of this lesson is to incorporate cultural diversity into a lesson. Go back to your cultural assessment piece. Using the cultural group you chose to compare to your own create a lesson that incorporates the culture you studied into the lesson.

This lesson should focus on an element of a culture you explored in your cultural self-assessment.
The lesson should explore a diverse culture in depth on an age-appropriate level.
The lesson can represent the cultures in the classroom as well as diverse cultures.
It should not involve a holiday or food

In your lesson Consider the following:

The nature of the learner. What do you know about the students; attitudes, values, and beliefs; learning styles; need for structure; family/peer support groups; sense of ethnic identity, motivation, self-image,.
The teachers scholarly knowledge. What are the key concepts, skills, and understandings to be taught? What are the key questions and issues? What fact and generalizations are most important? What are the important connections between the subject matter and goals of global and multicultural education?
How will you communicate with the family, community? What resources will you need?
Lesson Plan Details: Write a detailed outline of your class session including instructional strategies, learning tasks, key questions, key transitions, student supports, assessment strategies, and conclusion. Your outline should be detailed enough that another teacher could understand them well enough to use them. Include what you will do as a teacher and what your students will be doing during each lesson phase. Include a few key time guidelines. The lesson plan should be entered into the Diverse Lesson Plan Template. This template will give you suggestions to add into your lesson plan. Follow the template as closely as possible. The template is located in the session 6 folder.

Each lesson plan must include the following information. This plan should be detailed enough that another teacher could take your plan and use it to teach the class.

The lesson plan should include:

Grade Level
Number of Students
Lesson Goals
Standard(s) Addressed:
Lesson Objectives:
Lesson Considerations
Prior Academic Learning and Prerequisite Skills:
Lesson Plan Details
Lesson Closure
Lesson Extension:
Evidence and Formative Assessment of Student Learning
Alignment with Objectives
Evidence of Student Understanding
Utilizing Knowledge about Students to Plan and Implement Effective Instruction
Building on Personal/Cultural/Community Assets:
Explain how your plans linked students prior academic learning and personal/cultural/community assets to new learning
Grouping Strategies:
Planned Supports:
Community , Family Outreach and Communication