Activity 3 Ethics, Privacy and Accessibility


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Ethics, Privacy and Accessibility

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1. How will your campaign ethically persuade?

-clarify major goal(s) of the campaign what are you asking your audience to do and why?

-detail how your campaign will persuade your audience with a balanced overall approach to

logos, ethos, pathos

Audience Analysis(giving info):

Our target audience will be men and women between the ages of 18-22. The majority of our audience will be post-secondary students and/or young professionals entering their first or second election. 

Our demographic is relatively young, somewhat unknowledgeable or inexperienced in politics, and are at the beginning of their careers therefore extremely busy. They are used to things being done digitally (especially since the pandemic), so getting these people to vote in-person could be challenging. Another consideration is that the young people that do in fact want to vote often dont know how due to poor political education, therefore our goal is to reach these individuals as well. 

In terms of geographical/local audiences that we are aiming for, it would be most effective if we target urban and suburban residents in that age range, as they make up a large portion of that age population, and they are similar enough in cultural and societal values that we can mash them into one target audience. 


Audience Profiles 

  1. Sarah Gardner is a 19 year old female. She has just started her education as a first year health sciences student. She knows she wants to work in the healthcare field; she is just unsure of what exactly she wants to do. She is afraid of making the wrong career decision as she knows it is expensive to live in the city and wants to ensure her income can support her. However, she loves working with kids and dreams of being a social worker but due to lower wages within that industry, she is thinking about nursing instead. She currently lives in Vancouver, BC, making an average income of $20,000 a year working as a part time grocery clerk. She lives with her family and is currently in a 2 year relationship with her boyfriend Ben. She has strong family values so that also hesitates her from moving out as her parents are immigrants. She wants to move out and live with him, but they are scared as they lack knowledge of being financially independent, as well they are both taking student loans. She loves using tiktok, instagram and youtube, spending hours on these platforms. She is super aware of modern trends and is always trying new things based on what she sees on social media.

  1. Joshua Belling is a 21 year old male construction worker, living in Richmond with his roommate Monty. Joshua never pursued post-secondary as it was too expensive, and he did not get approval for a student loan. His yearly income is $35,000 a year. He moved out when he was young as he did not have a good relationship with his parents, they were not always there for him financially. His parents never had a good relationship with money, always living cheque to cheque. Joshuas parents never pursued post secondary either, therefore they have worked their minimum wage jobs their entire life. Joshua is single, he has dated a little bit but has never been in a long term relationship. He loves youtube, he uses it to learn more about his job and other things as he thinks its a great educational tool to take advantage of as its free. Joshua craves stability as he never had it growing up. He doesnt want to continue working his current job as he aspires to be an engineer but doesnt quite know how to start going to school again. He is so busy with his current job that he doesnt have the time to sit down and plan going back to school as well. Joshua values trust and honesty as he always reciprocates it if given.