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You manage a hotel resort located on the South Beach on the Island of Kauai in

Hawaii. You are shifting the focus of your resort from a traditional fun-in-the-sun

destination to eco-tourism. (Eco-tourism focuses on environmental awareness and

education.) How would you classify the following projects in terms of compliance,

strategic, and operational?

a. Convert the pool heating system from electrical to solar power.

b. Build a four-mile nature hiking trail.

c. Renovate the horse barn.

d. Launch a new promotional campaign with Hawaii Airlines.

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e. Convert 12 adjacent acres into a wildlife preserve.

f. Update all the bathrooms in condos that are 10 years old or older.

g. Change hotel brochures to reflect eco-tourism image.

h. Test and revise disaster response plan based on new requirements.

How easy was it to classify these projects? What made some projects more difficult

than others? What do you think you now know that would be useful for managing

projects at the hotel?