1. Return to your vocabulary tree where you began to record the multiple aspects of a definition of an American and refine or add to any of your ideas as needed
2. Collaborative Discussion: Turn and talk to your neighbors about each others vocabulary trees. What details and examples do you have in common? What new ideas have been generated from the conversation that you could include in your essay?
3. How would you define the concept of an American? Think about the definition strategies you have learnednegation, function, exemplification, and classificationthat will help you prove or support your thesis or definition of what it means to be an American. Use the following graphic organizer to record your responses. Remember to keep in mind your purpose and audience as you plan your essay.
The definition of an an American
These are rhetorical strategies and use supporting evidence Negation Function
The two articles What is an American? By j hector St. John A new day for daca