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Begin by watching the above video, Building Positive Relationships with Young Children. Listen as early childhood professionals share their thoughts and feelings about their important role as nurturers. As you watch the video, note how the educators help children develop affectionate relationships by fostering supportive attachments. Keep an eye out for Dr. Michelle Levy, one of our Child Studies Instructors! Dr. Levy is a Consultant at the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood (OEC), which helped fund the ECSU Early Learning Center video.
After watching the video, think about your favorite teacher or teachers and the qualities that made them good nurturers. Reflect on how you see yourself as a teacher and the qualities that you would like to nurture or develop in yourself.
Use the provided template to create a T-Chart where you will list qualities that you admire in teachers and qualities that you would like to emulate or possess yourself, and respond to two reflection questions.
This is what the T-Chart looks like:
Refer to the attached document for complete instructions and grading rubric.