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Amazon is a globally recognized e-commerce business portal that has pioneered web-based clientele and set a benchmark in the industry of e-commerce. Three pillars are responsible for the immense success of Amazon, and they are as follows:
1. Satisfaction of the consumer
2. Long-term value-making comes before instant corporate compensation
3. Risk-taking capability against all odds
The workplace culture at Amazon is also unique. They keep the departments small so that each team member is responsible for the project they are handling. The best thing is that every employee is a leader in their form. Amazon has a distinctive workplace culture that makes it the best employer in the world safest place to work for all employees, be they women or men; the most important thing is that they are customer-centric and work hard towards achieving contentment from the client.
The organizational structure of Amazon follows the organogram technique, which is relatively rigid. In this structure, the firm’s CEO and leading directors make joint decisions. The company is ethical, which means they value the employees’ best interests and do not tolerate any misconduct. It is a safe company to work in, where people are free from harassment or fear. This means employees focus only on their job and nothing else, making them more productive.
However, there are some areas where Amazon could improve, like using cutting-edge expertise to enhance its standards for delivering service and promoting the brand to a vast segment of people. They should work on enhancing their delivery partners because they are the face of the company in some way in front of the client. To spread its worldwide existence, it should also increase its retail stores.