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HR Competencies and HR Scorecard

Paper details:

Read chapters 7 and 8 (BOOK: The HR Scorecard, Linking People, Strategy and Performance) in the course textbook. Based on the chapters and the information that you have explored in the case study, develop a recommendation for MacroEnterprise. Reference the General Electric example in the textbook to explore options on HR Competencies and opportunities to expose the HR professionals at MacroEnterprise to the various competencies. Reflect on each section of the MacroEnterprise case in order to recommend an appropriate HR Scorecard.


Submit your documents as a brief action plan. Your recommendation should be to 3-5 pages with a minimum of three sources. NOTE: As a reminder, in this course I am not looking for you to submit documents as though you are a student. Instead, I expect that you work on the assignment as though you are an employee in the organization or a consultant for the organization. Submit your document as though you are proposing an HR scorecard to the leadership team at MacroEnterprise.