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Human Resource Management Capstone
Paper details:
Project Overview:
HRM serves many different functions within organizations that have been covered in detail within the curriculum of the MS-HRM program. These HRM functions do not exist in isolation but are integrated through concepts, theories, and practical applications. HRM leaders must have integrated knowledge of HRM and demonstrating that competency is the primary purpose of the Capstone Research Project. For this project you will develop an in-depth and state-of-the-art examination of one of the functional areas of HRM, as well as consider important strategic factors influencing that function and it’s connection to the various functions of HRM within organizations. You will also describe the cutting edge for how technology is being used to manage your focal function of HRM. You will focus on comparing technological applications to manage HRM, describe how you would use technology to derive data for the evidence-based management of HRM (i.e., HRM metrics that are strategically meaningful, using HRM data in systematic research), as well as the future of technology with your focal HRM function.

Questions to Address in Capstone Research Project:

1. Define the function that is the focus your paper and describe specific HRM responsibilities and practices associated with managing this function. Describe how competencies within the SHRM Competency model are relevant to managing the HRM function that is the focus of your research. Discuss important external forces (political, economic, social, technology) and common strategic goals that are critical to managing this HRM function in the 21st century. How is the primary function connected to other functions of HRM (describe connections with at least 3 other HRM functions), in terms of both theories and best practices?

2. For your primary HRM function, describe technological considerations in terms of eHRM and/or HRIS systems. Identify at least 2 vendors that have technology products relevant to your focal HRM functions and provide details on the advantages and disadvantages of each product in a manner that is organized and conducive to decision-making (tables and graphs are welcome and may be useful in both the paper and the presentation). Discuss important considerations for choosing between the products you’ve described and managing the change process of introducing new HRM technology.

3. What metrics would be important to track with respect the primary HRM function you have chosen? Explore technological considerations for collecting data for these metrics within an HRIS system (i.e., What elements of data would be needed? How would the data be accessed? How would calculations of the metrics be made?). Describe how these metrics would be strategically relevant to an organization and its HR department. What management tactics would you recommend for communicating and using the results on these metrics?

4. Describe a research question that you would be interested in investigating that involves one or more of the metrics you’ve identified. Discuss published research on HRM that supports this research question. Frame the research as a hypothesis and describe how you would test the hypothesis in terms of analyzing it. Describe the practical implications for your research question.

5. For the focal HRM function you’ve chosen, describe at least 2 future trends associated with technology (e.g., AI, IoT, mobile technology, virtual reality, remote work). Evaluate each trend with respect to its consequences for organizations and their stakeholder groups.

Research Paper – The paper should be at least 25 pages in length (including a cover page, executive summary, body, and references) using 12-point font and 1 inch margins and double-spaced. APA style should be used for the formatting of citations within the body and references information at the end of the paper.

The primary HR function I would like to use is Recruitment. The 3 other HR functions I would like to use are, Selection, Onboarding, training, and development. The 2 vendors for technology products I would like to use are, UKG and workday

For Question # 5 the two examples I would like to use are virtual reality and remote work

I’ve included the SHRM competency model PDF and the rise of HR in which the professor mentioned both could be used in reference to the paper and research

other books that I have hard copies for are:

Human Resource Information Systems : Fifth Edition by Richard D Johnson Kevin D Carlson and Michael J Kavanagh

Organizational Behavior : 17th Edition by Stephen P Robbins and Timothy A Judge

The Power of People By – Nigel Huenole , Jonathan Ferrar, Sheri Feinzig

Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics by – Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, David Caughlin and Donald Truxillo