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Based on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the UN human rights-related organizations (UNHCR, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights), or another source that you verify with your instructor, choose a human rights policy issue.

Address the following in a paper of at least three pages:

Define the issue as a human rights issue according to concepts of human rights. Describe its causes, implications, and locations. Use the following questions to help you frame your explanation:

In what ways has a policy caused human rights violations or been enacted because of human rights violations?

Can you recognize conflicts around human rights policy that stem from divergent understandings of human rights, within a country, between countries, or between a country and an intergovernmental or a non-governmental organization?

Consider the history, religion, and culture of the country where the issue is taking place in your examination of the human rights policy issue.

Identify the stakeholders and explain how this issue has an impact on them. Provide references to support the information.

Describe recent and current efforts aimed at solving the human rights issue, including efforts by NGOs, national governments, and IGOs. Provide supporting references.