Human Services Chapter 2 Literature Review
Paper details:
This project is chapter 1 of a 5-chapter dissertation. Please review all attached documents to assist in the drafting of this project. Please review and refer to the prospectus document to understand this research project. In completing this project, please follow the outline attached to this order.

Also, look please look the qualitative checklist and additional dissertation samples to inform how chapter 1 should be completed. Please do not insert opinions throughout the chapter. Site all claims and data. All citations should be within the last 5 years. Nothing should be older than that.

Please review the attached documents such as the prospectus, chapter 1, dissertation outlines, and previously written chapter 2 dissertation that has relevant information to this study, also other fully approved dissertations that has important research in them that can be used for this study. Please use the tools given to outline and format the dissertation properly.

NOTE: Please review all materials attached to this order. Walden University has a very strict way in which they like their dissertations written. Use all outlines, guidelines, and rubrics, please. Also, I only want writers I have previously worked with and was pleased with for this project. If the noted writer cannot take this project, I would like to personally select another.