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Write a 2-page response (APA 6, double-spaced) summarizing what you have learned from ONE of the identified leaders about their leadership and why these points are important to you personally. Use any one of the following neoclassical leaders:
Robert Greenleaf,
Margaret Wheatley,
Williams Deming,
Peter Drucker,
Henry Mintzberg,
Frederick Herzberg,
Chester Bernard,
Mary Parker Follet,
Abraham Maslow.
Please cite your references if you are using quotes (remember that I want to see your understanding of the quote, not just the quote use quotes minimally).  Suggestion:  one quotation (citation) per page.
Here are some things that might help you. You DO NOT have to answer all the questions, they are just there to stimulate your thinking.
20% – Introduction to the leader including their background. Explain their theory in your words.
60% – What was the leader known for?  What was their inspiration/motivation? What did they do that was different?  How did their research/theory effect leadership today? Can you give examples of their theory in use today?
10% – Conclusion Does this theory make sense in todays world? How will you use this leadership style to your benefit?
10%  – Grammar & APA & References –  Read over your paper. Does it make sense? Where did you get your work from? Many students did not include references in their first assignment.