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Power-Point Presentation with a narration (5 slides) (submit the PPP to the dropbox).

3. Power-Point Presentation with an accompanying Word document (submit the PPP and the Word document to the dropbox). Write your narration i.e. ‘what you would say’ for each slide on a Word document. Ensure to clearly identify where each slide begins.

Research and locate a news article describing how a defendant asserts a defense of justification, a procedural defense, or a defense of excuse.
Give the facts of the case.
Identify and explain the defendant’s justification, procedural defense, or excuse.
Which of the four primary elements of a crime is the defendant trying to negate with the justification, procedural defense, or excuse?

For example: If a defendant asserts self-defense to a murder charge, then the defendant is attempting to negate the mens rea crime element (the defendant did not form the intent to commit murder because the murder resulted from self-defense).