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As an educator, it is crucial that you recognize the diversity of the students and families who are involved in the early childhood setting, while also understand the importance of developing and maintaining relationships that nurture this diversity. For this discussion please review the http://families.naeyc.org/accredited-article/10-naeyc-program-standardsbook. Writing from the perspective of an early childhood professional, address the requirements listed below. You must use at least one scholarly resource to support your response. In your post be sure to address the following
< 1. Identify at least three types of diversity (family configurations, culture/ethnicity, poverty, homelessness, children with special needs, etc.) that might be present among the families in your care. < 2. Explain why it is beneficial to understand the diverse groups represented in early childhood programs. < 3. As an early childhood education professional, elaborate on how you will demonstrate cultural competence when supporting diverse children and families in your care. < 4. Discuss at least two specific strategies that implement your respect for the diversity of the families in your care. < I have attached a link to help with this assignment below. < http://families.naeyc.org/accredited-article/10-naeyc-program-standards