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pitch presentation
Paper details:
please make a budget plan for the request for proposal assignment. the instructions are all written below, and please add a speaker note in the PPT. The graph is for using in the PPT. we will use 3 methods for researching, and I will attach an sample of charts I need. And another attachment is the content for this assignment. studying in Fiji sustainable tourism.
Maximum budget is $100,000, THE CHART is in the PPT I uploaded, for the budget, the first 4 are name of people (can be random), and the two fees below MUST BE INCLUDED IN THE CHART.
Below are our plan, please make a budget according to those 3.

1. Literature review research. (1-2 PEOPLE IS ENOUGH)
Sampling who, want, when, where, how
Who, what, how will you talk to them, where will you talk to them

2. Surveys research (Google Sheets) (1-2 PEOPLE IS ENOUGH)
Random sample, maybe go to Fiji within a year
online survey

In early September 2022, for a period of one year.
3. Face-to-face interviews (hotel industry, tourism industry, catering industry) (NEED TO HIRE 2 PEOPLE A WEEK TO DO INTERVIEW, AND INCLUDING LIKE COFFEE SPENT IN IT)
Start looking for interviewees in October, and send emails/linkedin to interviewees in mid-October
Sending 100 emails may only get 50 replies.
Interviews are expected to take place in mid-November (two interviewers, the interview lasts about a week).
The content of the interview will be sorted out in mid-December.

– Identify how your team will complete all work within the budget proposed.
– Consider the costs of hiring research assistants. Assume that leading Senior
Consultants cost $100 per hour, and Research Assistants (Ras) cost $50 per hour
Senior consultants can do everything an RA can as well as write
surveys/interview guides, analyze data, prepare reports, give
RAs can collect data (e.g. surveys, interviews), analyze data under
supervision of a senior consultant, organize logistics etc.
Consult with the instructor if you have questions about the tasks and who
might be responsible.
– Consider the time needed to set up data collection, conduct data collection, analyze
data and prepare written reports and presentations. This should be presented in
a table format