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Identify resources to assist in developing a disaster recovery plan.

Instructions: Identify research specifically for risk assessment, risk management and business continuity steps that support data security and confidentiality during a disaster. Identify resources to assist in developing a disaster recovery plan. Create a business continuity plan considering the following possible disasters as a basis for discussion: natural disasters; terrorist attacks; infrastructure failures; staff disruption due to illness or work stoppages, which are especially concerning to small and medium-sized businesses with small work forces and specialized workers; unintentional or malicious data corruption; theft; and breaks in the supply chain.

Include an education outline for the public and consumers on privacy, security, access to and maintenance of personal health records (PHRs), requirements and legalities before, during, and a disaster. The business continuity plan should be 57 pages in length and provide details on: Introduction of the company with high level details Business Continuity Strategy Recovery Teams Recovery Procedures Note: This is a fact-based Assignment that will not include your opinion. This will require research and support for what is written. The proposal should be paraphrased with cites and references from scholarly and fact-based publications and without quotations.