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Science is not technology, ideology, or scientism.  Explain how it is not any of these.  (So your answer should consists of three short paragraphs, each dedicated to one of the things science is not.)


Identify the five steps of the scientific method, as outlined by Vaughn, and explain what is involved in the steps in your own words with your own example.


One of the most important virtues of a scientific theory is its “simplicity.”  This virtue is also known as Occam’s Razor.  What is Occam’s Razor and how did scientists apply it when choosing Copernicus’s system over Ptolemy’s?  (see 393 – 396 of Vaughn)


What are the two senses of the word, “theory”?


When someone says. “Darwin’s theory of evolution is just a theory, so we don’t need to take it seriously,” what fallacy is committed here?  (Hint: it’s a fallacy involving the misuse of multiple senses of a word.)