Select an idea for a project that would benefit an employer. Ideas include a facility move, software implementation or upgrade, adding a branch or new facility to an existing one, starting a business, or construction of a home.

Part B

Your company has won the bid on the project selected in Part A, and you have been appointed as the project manager for this effort. Your next task is to develop a project proposal that summarizes the project and the team structure.

Prepare a visual presentation for the project sponsor and other executives of the company.

Create a 10- to 15-slide presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint with speaker notes for each slide. Include the following:

Provide an overview of the project.
Identify the stakeholders and how they will benefit from the project.
Discuss the resource requirements.
Outline the fundamentals of the team structure.
Identify the stage model of team development that will be used.
Summarize the stages in the life cycle of the project.
Outline the team leadership needed at each stage.
Summarize the roles of the project leader in team management (internal and external).

Submit your assignment and use your name as part of the filename