Email me for a video and more details: [email protected]
Email me for a video and more details: [email protected]
For this assignment please complete the following 5 tasks:
1. Discuss 1 project from MAKER: A documentary in the Maker Movement
2. Discuss either Brandon Watsons maker project or 1 of the following two projects from Victoria Bradby:
3. Compare the 2 works by finding a common technology, process, material, company etc and discuss this trait.
4. Identify the technology or process used as well as the reason the works were produced.
5. Discuss their impact and implications on contemporary culture.
Each entry must include:
at least 2 quotes, 1 sourced from the documentary, and 1 sourced from the lecture given by Brandon or the website that discusses the projects by Bradby.
at least 1 quote from an external source (ie. Journal, online article, research site, book, catalogue etc.)
a hyperlinked image
at least 2 hyperlinks to content discussed in your post
proper referencing of sources and imagery